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You might think all supplements are the same. “Dynamite” knows better  Your Horse, Your Dog, Your Cat, Your, Cattle, Your You Don’t settle for less! We improve the lives from all living creatures!

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Guaranteed Solutions for a Messy House

A working Mom, stay at home Daddy, College Teenagers, it doesn’t make a difference you live in that house. By doing as such you consent to some kind of being organized, otherwise, you would live at the dump station if you would tolerate a gigantic and messy...
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Horse Fly Mask Versus A Horse Face Mask

Why Your Horse Always Should Wear a Face Mask? I’m continually thinking about my horses. What is beneficial for them and what won’t value them when out in the field. I’ve adapted such a great amount of sun security. Yet there is a disturbing measure...
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UV Radiation, The Horse Eye Equivalent to the Human Eye

The sun is gone, the black clouds are hanging above us, it is extremely cold. We live in Southern Arizona and expect all the time warm climate, well, dream on, it beyond any doubt is not the situation for this winter. It’ s down-pouring, bizarre for the...
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Your Dog Control Their Behavior, Reward Them with a Slow Eating Dinner

Most importantly why should you prepare your dog, since you need to control their behavior? I additionally trust that there is another imperative reason. Preparing, particularly encouraging feedback preparing, is one of the ideal approaches to bond with your canine...
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Cover Up the Ears Disturb the Horse’s Communication

horse’s listening structures are like numerous different warm-blooded creatures, with the exception of that the horse’s ears are the most portable of any domestic creature. These huge vast mobile ears can turn very nearly 180 degrees from front to back as...
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Horses Bad Habits, Why They Do What They Do

Horses bad habits and why they do what they do is for many of us a question mark. Keeping in mind that a horse is from outdated nature a wild creature. We individuals changed their regular behavior. Horses procure conduct issues as a neurotic method for adapting to an...
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$100 For a Fly Mask? Plenty Good Ones Available Around $20

Why do we need to pay about $100 for a fly mask, as they call it. While plenty available for around the $20! Read on and discover more! I have the burning desire to bring up the thought of spending about $100 for so called a “fly mask” while there is no...
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Your Guide to a Worry Less Horse Eye Protection

Horse eye protection is a consistent consideration. Horse eye is a delicate and standout among the most vital resources we can have. We frequently think about whether there is a contrast between the human eye and the horse eye. The answer is “no” there is...
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Life Resembles…Roll Toilet Paper!

Every day, you face that roll of toilet paper, no matter our age or modern-day health popularity, we’ve a very clear preference among grow older or grow younger. I mean this within the manner I said this. Many human beings don’t see aging as a desire, they...
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Horse Eye “Fly Mask” versus “Protective Eye Mask” Pro’s – Con’s

Fly Masks versus horse eyes are an exceptionally touchy part of the face, we frequently say “no leg, no horse” yet imagine a scenario in which the horse is without a vision, it’s certain not valuable for any horse to be in that circumstance....
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What Our Customers are Saying

“This is my 2nd. fly mask purchased from The Trader Shop . I tried one out for my other horse and it is great , holds up very well and a great fit. Highly recommended !”

D. Wydenes

5 out of 5 stars, Aug 10, 2016

“This is the perfect little way to organize my left over plastic bags, so I can reuse them. The quality is great and it shipped very quickly!”

Stacy Babcock

5 out of 5 stars, Nov 9, 2014

“One of the best online sellers I have ordered from. Fast ship, excellent and innovative product fair pricing.”


5 out of 5 stars, Aug 2, 2016

“So so happy with this new fly mask!! Have already washed it twice and it still looks brand new, plus it apperars to be more comfortable for my horse.”

M Wall

5 out of 5 stars, Jul 17, 2016

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