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My Horse, Neoprene, and the Result!

Going straight to our objective in this article about neoprene and our equestrian companions. We prepare our horse for either a trail ride or the fundamental training, regardless of the decision right then and there we as horse owners are concerned whenever worried about their well being with underscoring their legs, let’s be realistic, what is a horse without legs, without great feet.

So the main thing we do is grab the leg boots to protect their legs from perhaps damage, we don’t consider our activity right then and there, rather, it’s only a propensity for dealing with it from the get-go.

Regardless of the action, we have as the main priority the leg protection. We rapidly and snug as conceivable wrap the neoprene boots around our horse legs and voila now we know for beyond any doubt that we are protected and ensured about their legs, not realizing the damage we might create!

1. How might I feel wearing some boots around my legs on an every day base?

2. How might my skin respond to the material of the boots that is at least for 60 minutes around my legs?

3. How are my legs taking care of utilization when I remove the boots?

4. Do I protect my legs anytime I make my daily walk or jogging route?

Instead, we just follow the crowd and all the advertising in the numerous equine catalogs we receive on a monthly base.

Let’s find out what neoprene is.

In 1930 a researcher with the name Wallace Carothers of the DuPont organization came in the market with neoprene for reason that there was an enormous lack of natural rubber. Since that minute it has filled its need in the automobile business. As it goes much of the time individuals in many directions thought it was an awesome idea to utilize it for whatever is conceivable.

The equine field is one of the great marketplaces to enter, so they did. The dollars were rolling in left and right, super, they pushed the right button and from that moment it went progressively to a point that a horse barn without neoprene leg boots is not a barn to take serious, right?!

In 2010 some smarties want the consumer to believe that neoprene fitness clothing will create a weight loss, promote fat burning, to access the body water through sweating.

On the off chance that you read this extremely cautious you see that around then the people who were in control with neoprene concurred as of now that neoprene is a sweat making material!

 A few questions straight out of my heart:

In what capacity can a sweat making texture advantage our equine friends their legs while on the other end of the rope we try to keep their legs as cool as possible! Another question that pops right to my mind is the point at which the horse is out in the field, loves to run, gallop and all the more, how are they dealing with that without their neoprene boots? Are you as the horse owner going out and rapidly put the neoprene boots on, obviously not, of course not!

How in the heck can sweat and build up dirt, the boots gather, benefits the horse’s legs? Promoting comments like “Tough breathable neoprene with nylon……” How contradicting on the off chance that you ask me, neoprene is not breathable, that is the reason it creates sweat and on top of it “nylon” is another sweat maker. This is the most contradicting advertising ever seen.

Sweat is good for our equine friends, as it regulates their body temperature included their legs, however, it sure is a tremendous skin trouble maker when wrapped in a material that does not allow ventilation, which sometimes can prompt to undesirable skin diseases!

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Neoprene horse skin and their Outcomes

 March 26, 2017

Freelance writer Fabiana

Hi, Horse World did you received your equine summer catalog? Did you order every one of the requirements for the spring and summer to ensure your horse is secured for the whole season? Your neoprene leg boots for the upcoming occasions, the fly boots to make your horse more comfortable, not to overlook the fly mask to protect their eyes from that dreadful creepy crawlies.

Shouldn’t something be said about the fly spray, you presumably obtained enough to make them go in any case, notwithstanding, you may know in the back of your mind that it’s insufficient to cover to the end of the season?

Let’s help you a little bit about how to save money and still being in a good position with your equine friend/s

The most effective method to make your own fly spray:

Talking about the regular size of spray bottle,

* a 1/4″ clear vinegar * 1/4″ dishwasher detergent * 1 teaspoon of eucalyptus oil * the remainder top off with water.

* It works and is a boatload lower in price than anything else!

 Okay, this was a little side step I couldn’t resist to ventilate, let’s go back to the subject of this article.

 Neoprene horse skin and their Outcomes! 

Backpedaling to our horse leg boots I generally ask why we individuals follow the crowd, I think it’s basically our sense of doing as such and all the time don’t understand the resulting included.

 The purpose behind utilizing horse leg boots is to secure their skin, ligaments, and tendons from undesirable harm. Do we truly require a material that makes an oval measure of sweat and attracts dirt like a magnet?

 Neoprene is an extraordinary material for something like diving suits and perfect for open air utilize yet beyond any doubt the most worth material you can consider for the legs of your horse.


It’s because it’s water resistance, it totally does NOT give any ventilation neither absorbs a drop of water. I need you to think about this for a minute and picture in your mind that piece of the lower horse leg you cover with a neoprene material.

After some time of training, trail ride or whatever, you remove them and the horse legs are messy stinky sweat-soaked wet which simple can make the most undesirable skin issues you are not sitting tight for.

On top of it certain neoprene

“cements contain 4% rosin (CAS No. 8050-09-7, beforehand known as “colophony”), which is a skin contact sensitizer under the European Union Dangerous Preparations Directive 1999/45/EC.[1] Some individuals are adversely affected by neoprene while others can get dermatitis from thiourea, a compound used to vulcanize elastic into neoprene which can be left over after the assembling procedure. Click here or underlined text (above) and read more about it.”

and here we are cover the legs from our equine friends in this kind of material…Come on, be wiser and smarter!

Ensure their legs with a leg boot that give ventilation, is cordial, give an 80% or 90% UV radiation protection, does not pull in earth and beyond any doubt does not make stinky sweat-soaked legs.




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