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Do wild desert horses need a horse eye mask? Yes, it would not be a luxury for them to wear a breathable mesh fabric made to stand the test of tough use yet attractive enough for any outdoor application.  TEXTILENE brand of woven PVC coated polyester fabrics is known as an industry standard for versatility and strength! Let’s go and…………….


MHS Super Blog brings you to the African Wild Desert Horses……….

In the African Desert is a group of wild horses called “Namib horse” a tough creature. What do you think are they equal to our domestic horses?

              I don’t think so! Tell me>> Which One Is Better of?

The oldest desert in the world is called the “Namib Desert” in Africa has endured semi arid conditions for at least a 55 million years. The annual rainfall is only limited to about 5 to 75/76 mm a year and it is almost completely barren.
Thick fog from the Atlantic often blankets the dunes which in all likelihood will create enough moisture to survive!


The Namib wild horses must be extremely hardy for those hars desert conditions. Pretty sure that their size is not higher or taller than probably about 14 to 14.2 hands, which is about 58″, some might reach the 15 hands, about 60″.

Amazing to know that they have large heads and relative spoken small muzzles, large ears and wide -set eyes and very short necks.

To be honest, nobody has any idea how they got into this environment the “Namid Desert in Africa”. Originally there were no horses in southern Africa at all. They only start appearing in the17th century important by Europeans.


Some people think that they came from the former breeding operation of the eccentric Baron Hansheinrich von Wolf, who kept horses at the peculiar castle of Duwisib, which is south of Maltohohe. Other people say that the German colonial forces left behind horses during World War 1, as they retreated from the advancing of the South African troops.

Not more than about 150 horses live in that environment, needless to mention that they attract thousands and thousands of tourists each year. Now I wonder if there is absolutely nothing around, how can the tourists survive, even though it might be just for some hours.


Equine and humanitarian organizations have tried very hard to bring in water and food to the horses, ensuring that they would survive. Welfare groups arrived and installed troughs of feeding stations in several parts of the desert. Other groups tried very hard to round up the horses in order to care for them, unfortunately with very little success!

Stepping in the horse problems are far from over, which brings me to the subject of “horse breeding” and really wonder, do we need more horses, more dogs and cats? There are many out there who are looking for care, love and understanding!

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Eye Mask for Horses, Can they See Through? True or False?

Many peoplEVANDER MEDIUM BLACK.WHITE 1e who don’t have any experience with horses will watch the picture on the left and think: “Oh, that poor horse can’t see, why do people put those eye mask for horses on them?!”

MeaEVANDER MEDIUM BLACK.WHITE 2nwhile, they’re not realizing what they actually are, and their importance.

To all of the new horse owners, this’s why you must get your horse an eye mask for horses, an eye mask for allergies and the eye mask for swollen eyes, immediately, and not just a random one; you must get the Universal Horse Eye Mask. What is the difference between the Universal Horse Eye Mask and the one from the competition. Read on and we will get to that point.

Insects (and most specifically flies) can cause big irritation to a horse. A fly buzzing or even biting doesn’t only annoy the horse, but it’s also responsible for lots of other things regarding his health.

The irrMASK FABRICitation caused by these insects can actually cause stress, horse anxiety symptoms, horse depression and much more, which then leads to a weaker immune system causing the horse to be more exposed to diseases.

Furthermore, they can cause these diseases to be transmitted from horse to horse. They can also transmit parasites such as fleas, which brings us to the subject of “do horses get fleas, can horses get fleas“?

A way of protecting the horse is by wearing this horse eye mask!

Why this one? The difference is 100% in the quality of the material and the pleats we provide and NO dangerous eye darts. The material we use is made for solar abuse and for nature abuse, it provide a 90% UV protection proven by the factory. The same material is used for the solar window screens to protect the windows from heating up in the warm and humid climates. The brand name is “textilene”. The open mesh material is soft, strong, 100% washable over and over  without any sign of looking ugly! Where to buy textilene fabric? Try this link, but that might be the 95% UV protection.

This was a little detour, let’s go back to the subject………………………………..

People who worry about the horse vision’s problems don’t have to because it’s not affected in any way by the eye mask for horses. The fact that it’s made by open mesh makes the horse see through it with no problem at all. With other words, “it’s made to look through from the inside! Outside can NOT see in!


To the entire horse owners who probably already knew these facts, here are some other reasons why they should get the new better and improved horse eye mask.

The Universal Horse Eye Mask doesn’t only protect your horse from unwanted debris and insects; we provide that 90% protection from UV rays! An other very attractive point is the adjustable poll. Not all of us would like to see the mask down low, or high up, it’s YOUR choice where you would like it!

I Don’t Hold Water! What About the Other Ones!

Universal UV Ray Protection Tote Bag


Summer is here and we all know what that means: going on day trips to the beach, pool, or even on the mountain. Everyone agrees that we have a great time there, but packing the stuff you want to take with you is really annoying!

First you can’t find the perfect large white tote bag to take with you and even when you do, there are still things that you don’t like about it. Well, we can assure you that with the new Universal UV Ray Protection Tote Bag that is a problem you will no longer encounter!

The bag is 15″ wide and 17″ tall, meaning you can carry your most important things in it during your trip or picnic without running out of space! Also, thanks to its size, you can carry it over your shoulder!

The tote bag being PVC coated woven yarn material, means you can carry it at the beach with no worries that sand will pile up inside the tote. You can even take it at the pool without worrying that your stuff will get wet as, it does NOT hold water!

The Universal UV Ray Protection Travel Tote Bag is super strong because it is sewed 2 times at the bottom, so whenever you purchase it, you will have it for a pretty long time!


The most important feature this bag has, it’s that its material provides a 90% UV ray protection!

During summer, UV radiation becomes stronger. We all know how to protect our skin and ourselves from UV rays, but we often don’t pay attention to protect our stuff. Clothes, plastic bottles and other stuff that we carry around also get damaged by these rays by changing color or even shape!

With The Universal UV Ray Protection Tote Bag providing a 90% protection from UV rays, you don’t have to worry about this issue!

This large white tote bag is not only handy, it’s also very stylish! You can wear it and combine it with the rest of your outfit!

For the people who like to accessorize it a little bit, there’s also another version you can get with a beautiful aluminum ornament.



Summer is not over yet and many trips are to come, so order your Universal UV Ray Protection Tote Bag right now and enjoy all the benefits that come with it!

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So, We Have Your Answer and Solution!

Universal Protective Horse Boots, fly boots, horse fly boots, trail boots, horse trail boots

If you have been wondering yourself whether you should boot you horse or not, we have the answer for you: YES you should!
People hesitate to boot their horses because they think that the horse will not be comfortable enough wearing them and the boots will impact their ability to move easily. These reasons may seem a bit superficial compared to the main reason why should we boot our horses: Preventing injury.
Boots are known to help reduce tendon fatigue, protect against contusions and protect against lacerations of the lower limb. (                                                                    ETSY UNWRAP YOUR UNIQUE GIFT

So, we have your answer and solution: Universal Protective Horse Boots!                                    click here


These boots are made from PVC coated woven yarn. They provide 100% ventilation, meaning NO  sweaty legs and the skin problems they bring with them. You can finally go for any trail ride as the boots provide protection from debris and you can assure that nothing will be stuck in the boots or your horse’s legs.


universal legboot 4

The Universal Protective Horse Boots also offer 100% light protection, meaning you don’t need to worry any longer about the damaging rays.

And the best part of the boots is that whenever they’re dirty from mud or anything else, you can just put them in the laundry machine and it will do all the “dirty – work” for you, or just hose them off!




Most importantly,
The Universal Protective Boots will protect your horse from minor injury!





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There should be a better way with more quality available, but do I need to fall for tons of scams. Yes, tons!!!!

No, even though it’s not easy to find, it’s out there, it’s reliable and honest, however, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to work for it. If that would be the case I can guarantee you it would be a scam you don’t want.

Every opportunity that provide you on the end with a good ongoing income, even though you might be sitting on the beach does require a handful of work.

A simple system might be the answer to accomplish in the nearby future all your dreams!

Hello World, are You a Happy ……….Owner?

Happy owner from what? Happy owner from your new car you just bought?


A new house you just purchased and signed the papers and you realize that from now on you HAVE to work and make money because that boatload of debt is resting on your shoulders. OR, maybe you purchased an oasis dream horse of your life that will bring you up the levels, at least you convinced yourself that you don’t need to train your bud off anymore, instead sit in the saddle and your oasis dream horse does all the work for you, “LOL” dream on for ever! Nop, that’s not how it works!

Anyway, let’s pick that oasis dream horse you just purchased and ohDREAM HORSE boy you feel like one of the Olympic riders, nothing can go wrong anymore!

Suddenly you wake up and figure out the uncounted miscellaneous problems that probably can occur sooner or later that might include a veterinarian’s attention to take care of it…………BOOOOM, your glorious world falls totally apart from one minute into the other minute, so, what’s next now? (sad looking)


Let’s not rattle off here and get indoctrinated with your own negativism, instead, see if there is a way to be ahead of the problem that might occur in future, one of the major things we can do is simply keep the horse happy and relaxed as possible.

Horses get injured as a result of stress and/or trauma. Stress that result in a leg injury by example. The most interesting part of this is that for a long time absolutely nothing is happening, the horse performs super great and suddenly the horse’s leg stop working, in the same way that a stick would break if you put enough force to it.

Place the horse in a stable for 24/7 365 is surely not the way to go as I believe, they are not made for that! What if you think about a preventive care that will be very welcome in the continental humid climates where black flying insects, biting flying insects around and your horse is doing nothing else than bang his legs against the ground, I can not see this as a point of relaxation, do you?!


Have you ever heard of the material called “textilene” it’s a pvc coated woven yarn that provide the object with a super nice ventilation and UV ray protection of 90%, this material is good for anything and everything, tote bags, window screens, funny horse fly mask, fly horse leg boots, dog kennel shades, you name it.

By using the most simple but effective tools we are able to make life a little bit easier on our equine friends in combination with a good preventive care supported by your veterinarian and farrier.

Do you know that team work now-a-days is all what counts, I mean not criticizing one another, instead respectfully work together as a team. Your horse will be thankful for your thoughtful approach and hopefully being ahead of miscellaneous problems.

Good luck with your “Oasis Dream Horse” and remember, that you need to climb the ladder to, in order to arrive together at the top!






Hello All of You, Do We Need……….

Sun protection is simply guardinEVANDER MASK YELLOWg a body and eyes from the adverse effects of sunlight. Too much sun has been shown to cause skin and eye damage included some forms of cancers. Part of the sun’s energy that reaches us on earth is composed of rays of invisible ultraviolet (UV) light.

When ultraviolet light rays (UVA and UVB) enter the skin it can causing sunburns, cataracts (clouding of the eye lens), and damage the imume system. Now we are talking about the eyes.

I would like to mention the horse eye in particular and why we need eye protection for our equine friends.The horse eyes are linked to the optic nerve, which transmits information about the visual environment to the brain, simply said. Eye problems like…Corneal injury, conjunctivitis, cataracts, eyelid laceration and much more are horse eye problems many of us might possibly face.

Year-round protective eye wear might help our equine friends like we hMASK FABRICuman beings use our sunglasses more or less year-round. How can we be ahead of all this? How can we at least protect their eyes as much as possible from all the dust and debris out there, I’m not even talking about the very serious amount of flying insects who love to be in the eye corners and leave what we don’t need. We know we can’t be totally in control, but what about a little bit!

What about an universal horse eye mask, fly mask, horse fly mask, horse fly masks, eye protection, that at least protect the horse eyes. I do believe that the name ” horse fly mask” is sure not the right approach as this indicates that we can use it ONLY in the fly season.

As soon the fly season is
over we doesn’t know how quick to toss the mask. Dear horse owners dust and unwanted debris is ALWAYS around even though you might live in a super cold climate in the winter. Think about the snow season and the sun combination how the white of the snow reflex intense, sharp and painful to the horse eyes which possibly might create a blindness.

Why not consider how you can help your equine friend by using a year-round universal horse eye mask that is made from the # 1 material out on the market and is used widely for the windows to protect them from warming up in the hot climates.

This material is made for the purpose to protect the object from the dangerous UV sun ray

You have it right here, why should we go for all the imitation stuff out there that has no proven quality. Numerous of so called fly masks are out on the market and many of them are looking darn sweet, but is it doing something good for their eyes! The brief discussion can not begin to cover all the dis-satisfied horse owners about the high price range and the poor quality provided

Begin to consider what you would like to have in front of your eyes if you would be a horse and how you would experience the feel of having something close to your eye, in fact, is touching your eye lashes and no space around your face between the material and your skin.

Would you feel comfortable?!